Out-of-Band Authentication Service Terms and Conditions

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Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) Service

Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) Service (the “Authentication Service”) offers a secondary verification method through a separate communication channel to be used along with your Digital Banking credentials to provide enhanced Digital Banking security.

General Terms Applicable to the Service

The Authentication Service is generally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of outages for maintenance and circumstances beyond our control.

We will not be liable for any delays or failures in your receipt of any text messages as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator and processing by your mobile device. Text message services are provided on an as is, as available basis.

Eligibility to Use the Authentication Service

In order to use the Authentication Service, you must have a phone that can receive calls or text messages.

Phone Number

You must provide us with a permanent phone number which you intend to use for an extended period of time (no “burner” numbers). Your phone number may be stored to accommodate using the Authentication Service.

You are authorizing and instructing us to call and/or send text messages to you concerning the Authentication Service.

Communicating with You

You represent and warrant to us that you are the owner of the phone number documented as part of the Authentication Service or have delegated legal authority to someone else to act on your behalf. You further acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You are responsible for any fees or other charges that your wireless carrier may charge for any related data, text or other message services, including without limitation for short message service. Please check your mobile service agreement for details or applicable fees.
  2. You will immediately notify us if any phone number you have registered for use in the Authentication Service is surrendered by you or changed by you.
  3. You understand and agree that any text messages we send are not encrypted.
  4. We are not liable for any delay or failure to deliver any calls and/or text messages.

In the event you ever withdraw this consent for calls and/or text messages, and notwithstanding that withdrawal, you expressly authorize us to call and/or send you text messages related to the Authentication Service until we have had sufficient time to terminate your Authentication Service.

Use of Personal Information to Identify You

Data obtained from you in connection with the text message service may include your phone number, your carrier’s name, and the date, time, and content of your messages and other information that you may provide. We may use this information to contact you and to provide the services you request from us, and to otherwise operate, develop, and improve the service. Your wireless carrier and other service providers may also collect data from your text message usage, and their practices are governed by their own policies. We will only use the information you provide to the service to transmit your text message or as otherwise described in this document. Nonetheless, we reserve the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect our rights or property. When you complete forms online or otherwise provide us information in connection with the Authentication Service, you agree to provide accurate, complete, and true information.

Terminating Access

We may, at our sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice to you, suspend or terminate the Authentication Service. Your Authentication Service is also subject to termination in the event your phone service terminates or lapses.

Changes to Telephone Numbers

You agree that you will notify us immediately in the event of a change to any telephone number which has been provided to us and is associated with you. We may continue to rely on any telephone number that has been provided to us until you notify us of a change.

Lost or Stolen Device

You agree that you will notify us immediately in the event of loss or theft of a device associated with the Authentication Service. We may continue to rely on device information that has been provided to us until you notify us of a change.



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