What Does It Mean to Prosper

What Does It Mean to Prosper

Prosper. It’s a term that is usually associated with success. But, it’s also a term that means different things for different people. To prosper is to flourish, to move forward, to be a conqueror of the hurdles you face. Money touches every aspect of life and often poses challenges along the way. From starting out […]

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Trickle Down Effect

Prosper today and you’ll prosper tomorrow. There’s a trickle-down effect when you start making smart financial decisions. The first step, creating a budget, can be stressful. If you’re working to pay off debt or don’t have a reliable income coming in, you may start second guessing your decision to create a budget. But, work through […]

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Sacrifices People Make to Prosper

Sacrifice is not a word anyone likes to talk about or experience. Unless, of course, it’s someone else doing the sacrificing for them. But, without sacrifice, no one would get very far in life. There are many pathways to take, but the most important thing is for you to define what prospering looks like for […]

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Resources for Every Family; For Every Stage of Life

Every family faces financial challenges and financial successes! First Kentucky is here to inspire you in those big successes in your financial journey. No matter what stage of life you’re in, we have resources to help you through.   Heading to College? College can be a fun time, but with rising tuition costs, it can […]

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Rent or Buy

Before purchasing a home, there are many factors you need to consider. There are benefits to both renting and buying, but by considering the facts, you can determine the best choice for you. Many families or young couples want to have their own property and home. But it’s OK if the time to purchase isn’t […]

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Prospering is a Million Small Choices

Every day, you make thousands of decisions. Some have short-term effects while others make a long-term impact. When it comes to your finances, think of these decisions more like building blocks. As you stack the blocks, you’ll see just how important each piece is to the entire structure. Prospering in your life and finances takes […]

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Preparing for Retirement

Getting ready for retirement is a long road of financial choices and hurdles. But every little piece of information can help prepare you to take that final step in your career. Click here for resources to help you start planning for your future.   Ask Questions about Your Investments No matter where you’re investing your […]

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Post Grads Help Your Friends Prosper

In college, you and your friends were probably all poor, so it was easy to empathize and all agree to do cheap or free things together. But, as careers bloom and head down different paths, you may begin to see a wider gap in the financial abilities of your friends. Understand this truth: If you […]

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How Do You Prosper Financially

Prosper. There’s not just one definition or path to reach it. Everyone has different views and goals for their life and finances and that’s OK! So for you, define what prospering should look like for your family. This is a great resource to help you do this!  If you are wanting to prosper financially, First Kentucky […]

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Help Your Spouse Prosper

It’s one thing to prosper in your own finances, but when you join lives with someone else, it can be a challenge to learn how to work together toward mutual financial goals. You both bring different experiences with money to the table, and most likely, differing opinions on how money should be managed. Differing opinions […]

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Financial Advice for Every Kind of Family

Every family faces their own successes and challenges when it comes to finances. But it’s easy to fall into playing the comparison game, which is never a good idea. You can learn from other family’s successes and mistakes, but don’t assume your story will be the same. Your circumstances, your finances, your family dynamic, all […]

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Credit Card or Debit Card-Which One Should I Use

You may think a credit card and debit card are the same thing. At least they look alike in your wallet, right? While they do look alike, there are key differences to consider. To help you stay money smart and keep track of your purchases, here are two questions to help you decide which one […]

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Creative Ways to Budget for Your Vacation

Planning for vacation means Pinterest boards filled up with ideas and checking flight prices every day. But there are a lot of ways to make the most of your vacation budget. First though, you need to make a budget! Creating a budget does not mean you’re eliminating all of the fun out of your trip. […]

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Calculating Your Mortgage, All the Numbers

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most families will make in a lifetime. It is both a large financial investment and an investment of your time. Plus, it’s a long-term commitment to the location in which you’ve chosen to live. If you’re struggling to decide whether to continue renting or to […]

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Boring Budgets Fund Fun Times

You may think keeping a budget is boring and a waste of time. But, do you want to travel one day? Want to pay off your dream car? Want to save up for a home to call your own? A boring budget can help you have a BLAST…one day. Budgets help you stay within your […]

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What You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Your Credit Score

A credit card is not free money. Confession: At first it feels like it. You have a card; you can easily swipe it to purchase just about anything online or in-store, but the fact you have to repay, possibly with interest, is easily forgotten. Having multiple credit cards may be tempting to get that one […]

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