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6 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Marriage

Let us be clear, every couple will make mistakes, sometimes learning from them and sometimes accidentally making the same ones over and over again. But, First Kentucky wants to help you avoid some of the issues and arguments that come up for all couples. Hear straight from couples who are navigating marriage and finances, just […]

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How to Have the Money Talk

Before marriage you may feel like his/her money is his/her business. And you’re right to a degree. But, if you’re talking about marriage, it’s important to talk openly and honestly to avoid unrealistic expectations. One of you may be ready financially for marriage, but that doesn’t mean you both are. Or, as you near the […]

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Best Apps for Newlyweds

As a newlywed couple, it can be difficult combining your households and lives. It can be even more difficult to find ways to save money. So, here are the best apps to assist you as you begin life together! Let’s Collaborate    GOOGLE PHOTOS You can have a joint photo album where you keep all […]

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