Men holding daughter on shoulders

Why We Save

Dreams and uncertainty. That’s the simple answer to why we save. But, how do you convey that to a child when they barely understand the concept of money? Part of it is being truthful with them about some money matters. But a bigger piece is displaying and explaining the financial choices you’re making, no matter […]

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Teen putting money in wallet

When Your Teen Thinks You’re the Bank

Mom, can I have $10 for the movies?” “Dad, I really want to take this girl out on a date Saturday. Can I have a little extra allowance?” “I really want these new shoes!! I’ll pay for part of them!” Teens and parents have conversations about money every day, though many times neither realizes what […]

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3 kids running up a hill

Teaching Needs vs Wants

Every day you see the needs of your children and do your best to give them what they want. But, sometimes that’s not possible. Has your child ever asked for an extremely expensive gift they’re not even old enough to use yet? Well, that’s because they don’t understand needs versus wants just yet. As they […]

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Portrait of a child holding books and an apple

Saving for Your 5 year Olds College Career

Your child may just be beginning their school career when they’re still excited about their teachers and learning, and you’re still trying to grasp that they’re already at this stage! Not to scare you, but there will come a day in the very near future where you’ll be saying the exact same thing as they […]

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Two women and a child sitting facing a window

Help Your Grown Kids Prosper

One of the hardest things to do is watch your children struggle. It doesn’t matter if they’re struggling in their finances, relationships or career, it’s all hard to watch, especially if you feel your advice could turn the tide. Here are some tips on helping your grown kids prosper as they face the varying big […]

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Hands giving each other coins

Finding Teachable Money Moments

You can begin helping your kids learn how to prosper, even at a young age. First, give them a good example of how to save and spend money, which sounds much easier than it actually is in practice. That’s why we’ve created Prosper, YOUR online financial resource, answering questions and encouraging you on your journey […]

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Portrait of teen crossing her arms

Financial Lessons Your Teens Learns from Their First Job

That first paycheck carries with it a lot of pride whether you’re a teen or an adult. But, sometimes that’s overshadowed by the disappointment in the amount actually written on it. In their first job, most teens aren’t just learning about what’s being taken out of their paycheck; they’re only beginning to understand just how […]

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Teen laying on couch while on cell phone

Best Mobile Budgeting Apps for Teens

Whether your teen is a freshman or a senior, now is the time to prepare them for adult financial responsibilities. Before your teen goes off to college or into the workforce, it’s important that they start learning how to manage the money they are responsible for. Before their first job, many teens don’t truly understand […]

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Kids running in a hallway

Back to School: 4 Lessons to Learn before the Bell

4 Lessons to Learn Before the Bell It’s that time again to send the kids back to school, which can be a strain on your wallet. Kids don’t usually understand the stress on a budget that comes with buying new school supplies and clothes. It can be easy to believe that if you fudge on […]

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Green savings pig standing on calculator

Allowance or No Allowance

Ever heard one of these from your kids? “Why don’t I get an allowance?” “Charlie gets $3 for taking out the trash, but why do I only get fifty cents?” “I really want it! I’ll pay you back; I promise!” Just like with most parenting decisions, it can be hard to know what’s best. Deciding […]

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