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A 10/1 ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) for $160,000 on a 30-year term with an initial interest rate of 7.160% (7.55% APR) would result in 360 monthly payments of $1,081.73 including principal and interest. Monthly payments do not include taxes and insurance and the actual payment obligation will be greater. The initial rate is a discounted rate for a period of 120 months. Your variable rate is subject to a floor of your Initial Interest Rate. Your variable interest rate can increase or decrease after 10 years by 2.5 percentage points annually and can increase 7.5 percentage points over your Initial Interest Rate over the term of your loan. The Index for this loan program is The Weekly Average Yield on United States Treasury securities adjusted to a constant maturity of 1 year, as made available by the Federal Reserve Board. APR shown is based on owner occupied home loans in amounts of $50,000 or above, 80% Loan to Value (20% down payment), origination fee of $650, Flood and life of loan fee $18, satisfaction of credit qualifications, and credit score of 700 or greater. Terms, interest rates, and fees may vary.