Upgrade Your Business Banking Experience

Business woman using laptop

Each day you have various tasks necessary to keeping your business running, customers coming in, and keeping employees productive. Another part of each day is making smart decisions with your finances and time.

If you’re just starting your business, here are four tips to help you get started!

Have you considered how your current process could be slowing down your productivity, or even worse, creating risks to the security of your bank accounts?

There is a variety of tools to set up for your business’ finances. The first places to look and seek advice are your bank and your financial planner. Ask them some of these questions:

  • Who should have access to my business accounts?
  • What programs do you recommend for my business?
  • Do you have any programs available specifically for businesses?
  • Why are these programs important and what will it change about my current process?

When choosing programs for your business, think about security and convenience.

  1. Will this program help me keep my accounts more secure?
  2. Will this program make it easier for me to focus on my business, while staying on top of my finances?

Keeping your finances secure means creating a more stable environment for your employees and your own future.

So, ask about those programs that will help you do this. First Kentucky Bank has options designed specifically for business customers. What is the importance of different programs for your corporation? Take a look at some of these options and how they can upgrade your business banking experience.


Cash Management

This is an online banking portal specifically for businesses. The most important factor of this program is its ability to assign roles to different people in your company.

For example, you may have a board member who needs to see the financials but you don’t want them to have access to change anything in the account. Or, your accountant needs to have access to pay bills and send direct deposit payroll, but maybe you don’t want them to have full access to all of your accounts. With this system, you can create multiple variations so you keep your accounts secure while still delegating tasks and being transparent with those who need this private information. Read More about First Kentucky’s Cash Management.


Remote Deposit Capture

This is a web-based solution that allows you to deposit checks every day, at any time of the day, without entering the bank itself. This is a scanner and software installation that allows you to take care of your financial business at any time of the day. Read More about First Kentucky’s Remote Deposit Capture.


Direct Deposit

You may have already moved to direct deposit, but if not, there are multiple security and financial reasons to make the change.

  • Accounts remain accurate. There’s no need to continue waiting for an employee to cash the check and then processing to go through. With Direct Deposit, it is automatic.
  • Saves you money. No longer do you have to waste time or money on printing paper checks, mailing them, or handing them out to employees.

Eliminates lost check confusion and frustration. Employees rely on you to receive checks on time. With direct deposit, they’ll know the date and the approximate time the deposit should go through with their bank. Paper checks can get lost in the mail which can easily turn productive employees into frustrated and worried employees. Read More about direct deposit and First Kentucky’s Workplace Banking program.


Retirement Deposits

First Kentucky offers IRA options and other retirement plan options you may consider for your employees or for yourself. To learn more about these types of options, you can contact Wealth Management at First Kentucky Bank. Remember, these types of investment options are not FDIC insured and there is no bank guarantee. Learn more about what Wealth Management can offer and its conditions here.

First Kentucky loves working with businesses to help them succeed. Whether you’re a small retail store or a multi-city corporation, First Kentucky has business options available to you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your accounts and business secure! If you haven’t already created an emergency plan for your business, get started on the process today. You can never be too prepared!