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Heartbleed Security Threat

A new security threat has surfaced that puts all sensitive data transmitted through web based services at risk, known as the Heartbleed Threat. If you haven't heard of the threat, chances are that you will soon. It has been on the news as well as various other communication sources, warning consumers that their information may have been compromised due to a problem with encryption technology. We are aware of the threat and have been in contact with our core and Internet banking providers. Each is working to identify and mitigate any risk that could affect our customers.

They have found no known applications affected by the vulnerability, but will continue to investigate and take additional precautionary measures to ensure our customers’ security is being protected. We, and our affiliates, are dedicated to providing you with safe and secure products/services and at this time there is no indication that we have been directly affected by this threat. If you have questions/concerns or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact the Electronic Banking Department at 1.866.839.6271.




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