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Corporate Account Takeover

Corporate Account Takeover is an evolving electronic crime typically involving the exploitation of businesses of all sizes, especially those with limited computer safeguards and minimal or no disbursement controls for use with their bank’s online business banking system. These businesses are vulnerable to theft when cyber thieves gain access to its computer system to steal confidential banking information in order to impersonate the business and send unauthorized wire and ACH transactions to accounts controlled by the thieves. Municipalities, school districts, large non-profit organizations, corporate businesses, and any customers that perform electronic transfers are potential targets. Losses from this form of cyber-crime range from the tens of thousands to the millions with the majority of these thefts not fully recovered. These thefts have affected both large and small banks.

Contact the Bank immediately at 270-247-1403 if you:

Ø  Suspect a fraudulent transaction

Ø  Are trying to process an online wire or ACH batch and you receive a maintenance page

Ø  Receive an email claiming to be from the Bank and it is requesting personal and/or company information

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