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Community Involvement

First Kentucky Community Involvement

We want to partner with you!

We love partnering with our community! If you are in need of volunteers or would like to request a donation, please fill out our online application. We review each and every submission and are excited to partner with those who are serving our community! There are so many local and national organizations we are able to partner with and we are excited to potentially add you to that list! If we choose to fulfill your request, we will notify you.

Do you need volunteers instead of a monetary donation?

What better way is there to partner with you than to stand shoulder to shoulder as we serve? First Kentucky employees volunteer for a multitude of projects throughout our community. If you are in need of volunteers, please fill out our online application.

Do you have questions about how to best complete the form?

If you would like assistance filling out our form, or have questions about the required fields, please contact Amanda Rorer at 270.251.4928 or

Community Reinvestment Act

If you would like a copy of our CRA Policy or Mission Statement, then please feel free to contact our CRA Officer, Amanda Rorer at 270.251.4928 or We are committed to serving the needs of our entire community, including low and moderate-income areas. We welcome any comments or suggestions you have about our ability to meet those needs in the community. Our entire CRA Public File is kept at our main office, 223 S. 6th St., Mayfield, KY 42066, and it can be requested by you at any time.

For more information regarding First Kentucky's community involvement, contact us.